Scientific posters

An overview of the conference posters:

  • G. Defraene, S. Arredouani, W. van Elmpt, M. Lambrecht, D. De Ruysscher, A NTCP model for mortality after chemo-RT for lung cancer including mean heart dose and GTV.  Radiotherapy and Oncology, Volume 127, Supplement 1, April 2018, Page s167 Abstract  Poster
  • T.Rattay, K.Johnson, D.Azria, J.Chang-Claude, S.Davidson, A.Dunning, D.De Ruysscher, S.Gutierrez-Enriquez, P.Lambin, T.Rancati, B.Rosenstein, P.Seibold, R.P.Symonds, R.Valdagni, A.Vega, L.Veldeman, A.Webb, F.Wenz, C.West, C.Talbot: Acute toxicity and quality of life in breast cancer patients treated by radiotherapy – results from the REQUITE multi-centre cohort study.  The 11th European  Breast Cancer Conference, Barcelona, Spain, March 21-23,  2018. European Journal of Cancer Volume 92, Supplement 3, April 2018, Page S60, Abstract
  • P. Seibold, T. Rancati, A. Vega, D. Azria, R.P. Symonds, K. Johnson, C.J Talbot, L. Veldeman, A. Choudhury, D.R. de Ruysscher, F. Wenz, B.S. Rosenstein, C.M. West, J. Chang-Claude:  Quality of life and patient-reported early adverse effects in prostate cancer patients treated with radiotherapy in the multi-center observational REQUITE study.  33. Deutscher Krebskongress 2018 , Berlin, Germany, February 21-24, 2018. Abstract
  • C. Talbot, A. Appanvel, A. Botma, T. Rancati, A. Webb, D. Azria, T. Burr, J. Chang-Claude, C. Herskind, D. De Ruysscher, R. Elliott, S. Gutiérrez Enríquez, P. Lambin, B. Rosenstein, T. Rattay, A. Vega, F. Wenz, R. Valdagni, C. West: Radiation Induced Lymphocyte Apoptosis assay as a predictor for radiotherapy side effects.  ESTRO 36, Vienna, Austria, May 5-9, 2017. Abstract
  • G. Defraene, W. van Elmpt, D.De Ruysscher: Radiation-induced lung toxicity prediction modeling in NSCLC: Importance of baseline toxicity scoring. Poster Discussion session at  ELCC2017, Geneva, Switzerland, May 5-8, 2017. Abstract
  • D. De Ruysscher, G. Defraene, B. Ramaekers, P. Lambin, E. Briers, H. Stobart, T. Ward, S. Bentzen, T. Van Staa, S. Kerns, C. West: Optimal design and patient selection for interventional trials using radiogenomics biomarkers. ESTRO 36, Vienna, Austria, May 5-9, 2017. Abstract
  • Tim Rattay, Kerstie Johnson, R Paul Symonds, Petra Seibold, Jenny Chang-Claude, Gillian Barnett, Charlotte Coles, David Azria, Frederik Wenz, Catharine West, Christopher Talbot, on behalf of the REQUITE study group: Development and validation of a predictive risk model for acute skin toxicity in patients undergoing breast radiotherapy. 15th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference, Vienna, Austria, March 15-18, 2017. Poster
  • Rattay T, Johnson K, Azria D, Chang-Claude J, Davidson S, Dunning A, de Ruyscher D, Guiterrez-Enriquez S, Lambin P, Rancati T, Rosenstein B, Seibold P, Symonds RP, Thierens H, Valdagni R, Vega A, Webb A, Wenz F, West C, Talbot C The REQUITE-AB study Validating predictive models and biomarkers of radiotherapy toxicity to reduce side-effects and improve quality of life in breast cancer patients. 2016 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America, December 6-10, 2016 Abstract