REQUITE Report on patient recruitment available!

The main achievement of REQUITE was completing an observational study, the largest of its kind, which is recognised as an exemplar of the type of multi-disciplinary, multinational work that can and should be carried out in the radiotherapy-related research field.

REQUITE set an ambitious two year target from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2016 to recruit 2,100 breast cancer patients, 2,100 prostate cancer patients and 1,100 lung cancer patients. However, due to delays receiving some regulatory approvals recruitment was extended by six months for breast and prostate patients to  30th September 2016 allowing time for collection of the primary endpoint at two years following radiotherapy, and by 12 months for lung patients to 31st March 2017 for collection of follow-up data one year following radiotherapy. Patients were recruited at 26 hospitals in eight countries. The main centres were in Gent & Leuven (Belgium), Montpellier (France), Heidelberg area & Mannheim (Germany), Milan (Italy), Maastricht (Netherlands), Santiago de Compostela & Barcelona (Spain), Manchester & Leicester (UK), and New York (USA). In total, 4,438 patients with breast, prostate or lung cancer were recruited prospectively.

Recognising the enormous contribution made by the REQUITE patients, the consortium has created a comprehensive centralised database and linked biobank that will serve as a valuable resource for the international radiotherapy community. It will provide data to validate models and biomarkers, and their use in future interventional trials will have a long-term impact on the healthrelated quality-of-life of cancer survivors. To read the whole report click here