REQUITE Data Discovery Platform!

REQUITE is important because it is an easily accessible centralised resource. We have a lot of detailed information on side-effects and quality-of-life.

REQUITE recruited 4,438 patients with breast (2,069), prostate (1,808) or lung (561) cancer. We collected (and continue to collect) a lot of information including radiotherapy side-effect data. So far we have >30,000 completed data forms. REQUITE collected blood samples and genotyped all 4,438 patients. 1,300 people also had their blood tested using an assay developed in France using a specific type of blood cell to measure who may have an increased risk of radiotherapy side-effects. We also collected blood in ‘PAXgene’ tubes from about 3,000 people.  These PAXgene samples mean it is possible in the future to look at RNA (acts as a messenger from DNA to tell cells what proteins to make).

We would like to share the existence of our data, not the substance of the data with external researchers. That's why we created, in collaboration with Café Variome, a detailed "shop window" into the REQUITE dataset: a Data Discovery Platform. With the button: "discover Data" at the REQUITE homepage you can use several search attributes like toxicity, genotyping and diabetes at baseline to see if there's REQUITE data available (see picture)

REQUITE data and samples are accessible for external researcher upon request:

  1. Contact Rebecca Elliott ( for the concept form template
  2. Submit a scientifically sound project proposal
  3. Concept form will be reviewed by Publication Committee
  4. After approval, sign a Data/Material Transfer Agreement
  5. Ask for personal data access via Labkey