Dirk de Ruysscher is one of the speakers today in an educational session at the 8th European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC).

The 8th edition of the European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC) will take place from 11-14 April, in Geneva, Switzerland. The European Lung Cancer Congress is a collaborative effort of the most important multidisciplinary societies representing thoracic oncology specialists, all working towards a shared goal: to advance science, disseminate education and improve the practice of lung cancer specialists worldwide.

Dirk de Ruysscher is one of the speakers today in the educational session "Combined treatment stage III" Are current NTCP models useful for predicting radiation-induced toxicity?

The goal of the REQUITE project is to validate known predictors of adverse reactions and develop the statistical models to become clinically useful.In recent years predictive models have been developed that attempt to identify before the start of treatment patients at risk of long-term side-effects. These emerging models require systematic validation in a multi-centre collaborative setting. There are an increasing number of datasets available for validation but they are variable in terms of the data collected. In the multi-centre observational REQUITE study an online database has been created for the collection of standardises data, including patient reported outcomes, from > 4.400 breast, prostate or lung cancer patients. It will enable validation of models that predict a patient’s risk of developing long-term side-effects following radiotherapy.

The results of the REQUITE study will hopefully lead to an improvement of future models.