REQUITE article from Chamberlain Mbah, et al. is published online!

The article A new approach for modeling patient overall radiosensitivity and predicting multiple toxicity endpoints for breast cancer patients, Chamberlain Mbah, Kim De Ruyck, Silke De Schrijver, Charlotte De Sutter, Kimberly Schiettecatte, Chris Monten, Leen Paelinck, Wilfried De Neve, Hubert Thierens, Catharine West, Gustavo Amorim, Olivier Thas & Liv Veldeman is now on Taylor & Francis Online.  Acta Oncologica (published by Taylor and Francis)  is a journal for the clinical oncologist and accepts articles within all fields of clinical cancer research (2016 Impact Factor: 3.156).

Patient characteristics inducing toxicity in breast radiotherapy have been evaluated using simultaneous modeling of multiple endpoints.